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Simple + Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmastime is here, happiness and cheer! Have you started decorating? At home I'm holding off till Thanksgiving weekend.. at the shop, on the other hand, Christmas has hit! All the things are coming out! 5 Trees up and almost all are decorated. Here are lots of ideas for simple and beautiful Christmas decor!

Have you ever though about how beautiful the tree is without the ornaments? I just love the feel you get of the warm lights on a beautiful green tree.


Wrap them up in burlap, or put them in little galvanized pots!

Ornaments in a Container

Ornaments in a Container Shop your house and look for containers! A glass jar, a basket, metal trough, a big serving bowl, wood dough bowl, options are endless! In this glass jar above, we first added faux snow, or you could add epsom salts.

DIY Snow Globes

Watch this festive video for making several Winter Charm Snow Globes HERE and see instructions for making the above DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes here!

Cozy Plaid Sheets

Tree Branches

You can use a store bought, or bring in some real branches and group them together in a planter like we did!

Blanket Ladder

Gather up cozy blankets and hang them up on a blanket ladder for guests to grab on chilly nights!

Wreath on a Mirror

Greenery and Ornaments in a Basket

Add a few twinkling fairy lights in a beautiful glass vase, jar or lantern for another festive touch!

A Festive Tablescape

Door Basket

Festive Kitchen Towels

Christmas Houses

Vintage Sled + Skies

And there ya have it folks! My thoughts on easy ways to decorate for Christmas.. Keeping it easy and classy as always. May your season be filled with lots of love, laughter and family...

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