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Ways to incorporate rustic style into your home

Do you love that rustic look but you're not sure how to get it? Below are a few simple tips.

Here are a few tips to add that rustic charm to your current decor.

1. Look for items that have that aged worn in look IE: picture frames, drift wood, pottery with dried flowers and babies breath.

2. Use an old trunk for a coffee table.

3. Create a vignette of classic old books with a vase, old clock and an old aged croquette ball.

4. Add wood, stone and rustic iron pieces to help balance the rustic with classic traditional style.

5. Use warm light bulbs to create that cozy welcoming feel.

6. Add elements of leather and suede to convey that rustic charm.. maybe a pillow or throw.

7. Layer your favorite area rug over a sisal or jute area rug.

8. Add a beautiful stone facade to your fireplace with a rough hewn wood mantle.

9. Place all of your furniture facing the fireplace instead of the TV to shift the focal point to the warm and cozy feeling of the fire.

10. Mix it up and add eclectic items to your space for an easy rustic feel.

11. An antique area rug is the perfect way to add rustic charm and warm up the feel of your space by anchoring the furniture in an inspiring conversation area.

12. Statement lighting can lend itself to creating that rustic feel in a space. Try wood, copper or brass for a bold look that still encompasses that rustic charm.

Let me know if you try any of these tips and how it goes for you. I love to see pics of your creations!

Happy decorating!


decor items credit Joss & Main
Rustic Charm

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