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7 tips for designing a peaceful bedroom

Here is to a peaceful, serene bedroom

Most of the rooms in your home buzz with activity.... the living room is always ready for a family gathering or party, the kitchen is where all the busy work happens and the center of the home, the bathroom caters to our basic needs. There is only one space in your home dedicated to bring you calm and peace..... your bedroom! It is your escape from all the crazy of everyday life!

Lets bring that peaceful feeling in and keep the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house out. Follow these tips to create a relaxing space that helps to restore your soul. ;)

1. Luxurious Bed

Nothing says relaxation like a luxurious, comfortable bed. This is one are it does not pay to scrimp, start with a quality mattress that gives you proper support (Elams Home Furnishings Mattress store, if you are local to Longview, WA). A good mattress makes the difference between a great nights sleep and one spent tossing and turning all night. Choose the best you can afford and make sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations for turning and maintaining your mattress to prevent sagging and wear.

If a new mattress in not in the budget, you can add a topper to create support and comfort. Soft sheets, a warm blanket and a thick comforter come next. Finish with several accent pillows, shams and an accent throw and you'll have a bed that invites you in to snuggled down and relax.

2. Keep the color calm

The most relaxing bedrooms are decorated in cool colors that bring about the cool, calm of peaceful waters. When choosing the palette for a tranquil room, the best choices are shades of green and blue, followed by gray. You don’t want bright tones—stick with mid-tone or pastel shades that add plenty of color without working your eyes too hard. You can use dark accents of navy blue, hunter green or pewter gray as well, but for the most peaceful feel, decorate mostly in soft colors and white. White furniture, patterned sheets and ornate touches on a headboard add plenty of interest without shouting out for attention.

3. Growing Greenery

You don't need a green thumb to grown a plant or two in your room. Living plants bring a sense of life, tranquility and that cannot be created by other bedroom accents. Choose one large one for the corner or maybe a few small ones for the dresser or side tables.... (if you have absolutely no green thumb abilities there are some beautiful artificial options at your local craft store).

4. Soft Lighting

Overly intense lighting is not relaxing... keep it soft. While you do need suitable light for reading in bed, dressing and night-time routines, leave the brightest bulbs and the strongest overhead ceiling fixtures to other areas of your home. In the bedroom stick with 3 way bulbs or lights that are on dimmers so you can adjust the intensity based on what you need it for. When it's time to relax turn the lights down low enough to take the edge off, but bright enough that your eyes don't have to strain.

5. Ditch the electronics!

It might be tempting to bring your laptop to bed, play a few games on your smartphone before lights-out or drift off to sleep with the television on, but all of these electronic devices have enough blue light to trick your brain into believing it’s time to wake up, not relax. Plus, electronic entertainment is often stimulating enough to ward off sleep. Make it bedroom policy that electronic devices go off at least an hour before bedtime, or keep them out of the room altogether.

6. Clean out the Clutter

There’s no way to relax in a messy bedroom. If you do nothing else, clear out clutter to make your bedroom more restful. Take a day or two to get rid of anything you don’t need or love, put anything that belongs elsewhere in the house back in its proper place and cut down collectibles and artwork to just a few meaningful pieces. That doesn’t mean your bedroom needs to be stark and without personality—use small touches of color and pattern to add interest, and display a few photographs or treasured pieces that make you feel good when you see them.

7. Treat your Senses

When you soothe your senses, your body and mind relax as well. Bring sensory delights into your bedroom to create a spa-like, peaceful environment. A few candles by the bed—make sure your blow them out before falling asleep—a bouquet of fresh flowers in a pretty vase, a reed diffusor wafting the delicate fragrance of vanilla, rose, lavender or jasmine; and a sound machine to block out traffic noise or household hubbub is all it takes to make your bedroom a relaxing retreat that you’ll look forward to entering all day long.

Happy decorating!

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